About us

Tutor Konekt is a platform where learners get access to knowledge and skills anytime,anywhere and anyhow.Target learners are from pre-school upto Tertiary level.

Our Vision

To offer the best platform where knowledge is available anytime, anywhere, anyhow but with a human touch to all.

Our Mision

A  Centre where Learners and skill seekers get the best and long lasting knowledge to help them mitigate their daily lives.


Today and tomorrow belongs to those who prepare Today

Our Students

  • Students in the Regular School programme from pre-school to Tertiary Level.
  • Learners in Home Schooling program and target to sit main exams (KCSE,KCPE,IGCSE etc) within a specific period.
  • Private Students who are either redoing their main exams e.g IGCSE,GCE,KCPE,IB etc or just out of main school routine because of health situation or any other reason.
  • Students with Special needs such as Dyslexia, dycalculia, Autism, Down Sydrome,Cerebral Palsy,Physical Disabilities etc.Teachers with training in special needs are available.
  • Learners who have gotten opportunity to further their studies outside the country but must do mandatory entry exams such as SAT,GMAT,GRE etc before being accepted in those foreign programs.
  • Adults who are already in employment on into business and would like to do for the first time or redo complete   main exams such as KCPE,KCSE,IB,IGCSE ect  but would like to study  privately and at their own convenience.
  • Both adults and students who like to acquire or improve skills in computers,music, sport activities e.g swimming and aerobics,culinary,foreign languages,handwritting ,public speaking etc.
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